Henriette Muus

- artist & writer

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Seven parish councils

Skolevej 17
4130 Viby Zealand

Poul Søe Nissen, deputy chairman, Syv sognegård

A greeting with thanks to Henriette Muus!

One day my wife came home from her hairdresser with a small book in her hand. It looked quite interesting at first glance. The hairdresser had told my wife that the book with the beautiful watercolor on the cover was painted by Henriette Muus, so my wife bought a book. The title of the book "I min jagt på i morgen har jeg udskudt i dag" asked me to open it, and for the next hour my thoughts flew around in a whole new universe.

All places, concepts and experiences in the book are as far as we all know. Precisely because of that, all the watercolors and the beautiful descriptive poetry that Henriette Muus has composed with a charged mind have given the reader words that lift one up into another almost intoxicating sphere, where after finishing reading one slowly, slowly descends to earth again very touched and much more uplifted than when one began the reading.

I wanted to share that experience with others, so I persuaded Henriette Muus to let her watercolors and accompanying poems hang in the corridors of our white parish hall, where they looked really good. Henriette Muus also agreed to read her poems during the premiere, which gave the audience a great experience. Later, you could walk around and look at watercolors and read the poems yourself, and this gave people another experience of both poems and watercolors. There have been many words of appreciation while the exhibition lasted, but after it was taken down, I have met many words of reproach that it could not hang there any longer!

To date, it was the best exhibition we have yet had in Syv sognegård in the 16 years that I have been on the committee that has to do with the decoration and vernissages. I would like to say a big thank you to Henriette Muus because she has given me and the citizens of Viby and the surrounding area an experience they will remember for a long time - and I will return to the book again and again!

Kind regards, Poul Søe Nissen