Henriette Muus

- artist & writer

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Præstbro church

Herlev, February 2013

Humor, thoughtfulness, sadness and joy, a fine irony, relevant, engaging are words that characterize Henriette Muus' poems and works of art. The people who took part in the Tuesday meeting in Præstebro church on January 8, 2013 could experience this for themselves. And that it caught on with the audience could be seen from the agreements that were made about new events, where they wanted Henriette to come and read out his poems and show the fine watercolors that accompany the individual picture ? or is it the picture that accompanies the poem? It must be at the listener's and the observer's own expense.

The warmth and radiance that is contained in the poems and goes out to those present is unique and can only be found when the poet enters the audience's world.

I have personally used Henriette's poetry collection for several years: "In my search for tomorrow I have put off today" partly as comfort and encouragement, and partly as a gift when a special greeting had to be sent. I can therefore highly recommend engaging Henriette Muus for an event, and we look forward to the new poems being published in as beautiful a setting as the first appears.

Tove F. Buch, Parish council chairman, Præstebro church, Herlev