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- artist & writer

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Advent Church

When the moment becomes a glimpse of life's depth and meaning

The Advent Church, which is a folk church in Vanløse, has had the great pleasure of being visited by journalist, author and visual artist Henriette Muus, who has exhibited her beautiful pictures in the church's premises. With a gentle and effective color palette, Henriette Muus has created a "picture collage" of 27 beautiful watercolours, which wonderfully reflect the many colours, contrasts and moods of life itself. Together with quotes from Henriette's two collections of poems: "In my pursuit of tomorrow I have postponed today" and "Among my deepest thoughts", the connection between the artistic and the deeply human becomes both thought-provoking and life-affirming. It is like being let into the depth and meaning of life for a moment, because Henriette manages to put into words the many emotions that characterize a human life, both good and bad.

In connection with the church's spring festival, Sunday May 4, these deep aspects were spread out even more, when the afternoon offered Henriette's warm lecture with poetry reading and thoughts about life, set in a frame where her pictures on the walls around us testified to this diversity of life themes, and where her poems were given life and soul by being sung by opera singer Lene Farver, with music by pianist and composer Henrik Metz. With a rare warmth and sensitivity, Henriette Muus managed to convey her thoughts, so that it touched us all deeply and sincerely.

In every way, the meeting with the human Henriette Muus and her artistic expression has created both reflection and seriousness, but not least a deep-felt joy at being a human being who is allowed to live in the "individual now", with the certainty that there is something greater and God-given that, despite pain and sorrow, we are allowed to see ourselves in relation to a relation that we are also allowed to share as human beings. Because then it is as if the moment becomes a glimpse of life's depth and meaning.

I can highly recommend everyone to invite Henriette Muus and her beautiful pictures for a visit, as well as make room for an event that will be an unforgettable meeting with life's great and difficult subjects, in respect for life and for man!

Erik Meier Andersen, parish priest at Advent Church