Henriette Muus

- artist & writer

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The Frederiks Church in Paris

November 2023

The Danish Church in Paris, Frederikskirken has had the pleasure of having Henriette Muus' pictures on display in our reading room, together with quotes from the Bible. She opened the exhibition with a convincing and moving reading of her own poems for the opening at the beginning of October 2023.

The relatively small pictures have shone in the reading room. They have made up a series of condensed narratives and drawn the viewer to them and, with a closer look, made up a wealth of colour, light and depth with a very sensual expression of some of the very largest and oldest texts from the Bible. In today's brutal world, it gives joy and hope that beauty and wisdom also cultivate and translate the challenges that have always driven humanity.

Our many guests in the house have studied and enjoyed them. Just as we who work on site have done.

Many thanks to Henriette Muus for sharing her art and poetry with us all, we really appreciated that. Hope that the beautiful works can live on in a new good place, for inspiration and joy for others.

All the best regards

Louise Tougaard
Youth advisor/ Architect MAA