Henriette Muus

- artist & writer

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The art group at Solrød Library

March 18, 2016


Henriette Muus is exhibiting her beautiful watercolors here in March 2016 at Solrød Library. Her own poems are attached to many of the pictures. Words and images are often linked together in the exhibited works.

There is no doubt that Henriette Muus masters both art forms, and in our opinion at a high level. The images balance between the naturalistic and the abstract so that they allow the viewer to explore the image and perhaps also create their own interpretation of the image.

Although you will probably be able to see a so-called "common thread" in her pictures, they are nevertheless experienced with great diversity, which is certainly due to her absolute talent for mastering water colors and her ability to create depth in the pictures.

The poems, which clearly reflect Henriette Muus's preoccupation with our social life and the nature around us in every way, are in their own way easy to acquire; some have a cheerfulness of their own, others deal with fates close to or in the society around us. What the poems have in common is that they are very descriptive and initiate one's own thoughts.

In connection with the exhibition, an event was held where Henriette Muus read out her own poems. An experience we can recommend others to enjoy - preferably in conjunction with the beautiful watercolors.

On behalf of the art group
Flemming Deichmann